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The Top 20 Curtains Design trends 2017

The Top 20 Curtains Design trends 2017 

The Top 20 Curtains Design trends 2017 
Curtains contribute to the creation of an atmosphere of luxury and beauty, so that it became an integral part of the modern decoration of the modern house, but the selection is not random but requires the scrutiny and art and taste and awareness of the nature of the place where the curtain is placed in addition to the home gives him the splendor and splendor, Multiple functions vary from room to room.

1. When choosing a high-light curtain, avoid light colors, because the color will fade over time. Neutral colors will be a good choice.

2 - If the room is cold, using heavy curtains of wool or velvet reduces the coolness in this room.

3. To choose a window curtain for a small room, make the curtain color consistent with the color of the wall, and choose colors lighter or slightly darker than the color of the wall.

4. To make the window look bigger, choose curtains with warm colors "yellow, blue, orange, red."

5. It is also important to determine the amount of light that we want to enter the room. The transparent curtains allow more light to pass through the room.

6. In bedrooms and living areas that need special privacy, heavy curtains are suitable for them.
7. Bedrooms suitable for the type of curtains "Blackout", to block the greatest amount of light, especially for people suffering from light sensitivity.

8. The higher the curtain near the ceiling of the wall, the higher the room seems.

9. When purchasing, try to imagine the cloth you buy if it is suitable for the net, and lift it on the window in the shop.

10. If the room carpet is full of graphics, choosing a curtain with pillow colors will be better.

11. For kitchen and bathroom windows, choose easy-to-wash fabrics, such as cotton or linen.
12. In the reception rooms, you can choose eye-catching curtains with clear patterns.

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