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Beauty: 7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid!!

Beauty: 7 Eyeliner mistakes which you should avoid!!

Applying the eyeliner is one of the essential parts of makeup, also the most tasking and tedious of all makeup techniques. During makeup, most women tend to make lots of mistakes when it comes to using eyeliner. These mistakes range from their inability to know the right liner shape suitable for them to not being able to have the same shape of liners on both sides. If you are among these set of women, don’t worry! We are here to assist you to fix those common eyeliner mistakes. Below are some common eyeliner mistakes you should avoid.


Do you have the habit of stretching your skin while applying any cosmetics to your skin? When you stretch your skin, your skin gets wrinkled thereby creating some conspicuous fine lines close to your eyes. These lines look nasty and will make your look older. Therefore instead of stretching your eyes, gently lift your chin up while looking down at your appearance. This will enable you to correctly apply your eyeliner on your eyes.



A lot of women find it difficult to differentiate between the numerous makeup kits. Some do not know the differences between an eye pencil, liquid, and gel eyeliner. Well as sad as that might seem, this section doesn’t aim at correcting such errors, but instead it aims at educating women on the right type of eyeliner to use. Pencil eyeliners are the easiest makeup tool to use; they can easily be applied around the eyes even when you are in a haste to hit the road. There are very few chances of making errors when making use of this cosmetic. However, unlike the pencil eyeliner, the gel eyeliner which gives smoother texture will provide you with the right amount of thickness you crave for. It is waterproof and cannot be applied in a hurry. Finally, when it comes to using the liquid eyeliner, you should desist from using it, if you aren’t an expert at it. There are lots of chances you will end up with lots of inconsistencies, if you do not know how to make use of it. Liquid eye liners are quite taking to use owing to its liquid and runny nature. You could spend a whole day trying to correct errors created by the liquid eyeliner. Hence its best you stay away from using this cosmetic if you are a novice.

5/ Darkening the lower lid too much

Applying lots of cosmetic on the lower lid is yet another common mistake a significant amount of girls make. When you do this, your eyes will look much smaller and narrow compared to its natural appearance. It would be pretty cooler if you avoid doing this but rather settle for a blur on the lower lid. This eyeliner cosmetic, will make you look more attractive and less like a panda.


If you are among those having problems with smudging your eyeliner, then the eyeshadow is a great tool for you to use. This great cosmetic, will keep your eyeliner ever fresh for a longer period. Furthermore, it will ensure your eyeliner doesn’t smudge thereby keeping it ever fresh and in shape. Always endeavor to apply this cosmetic to your face especially if you are making use of the pencil eyeliner.


Applying eyeliner to the inner water line is yet another huge and expensive mistake most ladies make. Do you know why? Well, when your eyes get wet owing to the application of this cosmetic to your inner water line, they are easily prone to bacterial infections. Asides that, when apply an eyeliner to the inner water line of your eyes, it assembles in the internal corners of your eyes.


When applying cosmetics to your face, mascaras should be the last makeup you apply on your face. This is because, when you apply the mascara first, you may not be able to apply some other cosmetics correctly. For instance, when you apply the mascara first, you may find it pretty difficult applying your eyeliner correctly owing to the increased thickness of your eyelashes thereby making visibility difficult. In addition to this, you will find it tasking in determining the right layers of mascara needed owing to the absence of your eyeliner. Therefore always endeavor to apply your mascara last.


When you make use of blunt eyeliner pencils, your skin is prone to damage, with lines and marks. Endeavor to make use of rich and smooth eyeliner pencil to avoid such damages. Also, make it a habit of sharpening your eyeliner whenever it becomes blunt as it will make its use easier.

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